3 Important Things to Consider for Your Packaging Needs

Oct 15th 2020

3 Important Things to Consider for Your Packaging Needs

According to a recent report, the packaging industry is a 900 billion dollar industry. Clearly a lot of planning and resources are put into packaging across a wide variety of industries all over the world. Some might even say that it is the most important part of the buying experience. We can all appreciate a nicely wrapped gift or a beautifully packaged product. Besides the aesthetics that go into packaging though, what are some of the other reasons consumers are drawn to quality packaged products? As a buyer or designer of packaging, what are some things to consider for your packaging to give you the biggest edge against your competition? How can quality packaging increase your bottom line? We’re going to look at these questions and more when choosing and designing your packaging.

Build Consumer Confidence

It's no secret that as consumers we are attracted to quality packaging and a nice presentation. In recent years they have even come to expect a nice presentation when buying a product. Having a well thought-out packaging design can help build consumer confidence in your product. A nice box or plastic seal around your product can help enhance the qualities of the product you are selling and showcase it in the best possible way. Packaging also gives you an opportunity to define your message and help focus your message and branding right in your customers hands.

Brand Image/Experience

Your brand image expands to all areas of your business, from how the person at the front desk answers the phone to your website and social media presence. The packaging around your products is no different. Even sending a simple envelope is an opportunity to help reinforce your branding. In addition, you can offer an experience through your packaging by using multiple layers, eco friendly products or maximizing the use of the package area to reinforce your brand message through interesting graphics and copy. Your customers will notice and appreciate the difference in the overall quality of your brand if you’ve spent extra time packaging your product. This is a great way to stand out from the competition.


Your customer wants to be sure that the product they’ve purchased is in perfect condition every time. High quality packaging can be very functional in this regard and should not be overlooked. Whether you are shipping bulk items on pallets or individual items, it is important to be aware of the many potential accidents that could arise along the supply chain to your customer. There is nothing worse than receiving a product that is damaged or broken. This will not only end up costing more in the long run with replacements and added shipping costs, but you could potentially lose customers if it is a consistent issue.

Whether you are looking to build confidence with your customer to make the final sale, give them a unique experience or simply protect your products, choosing the right packaging material should not be taken lightly.