Medical & Cannabis Packaging

We have seven warehouses across the US ensuring we can deliver to you in a timely and cost effective manner.  We offer several Medical grade bags for all purposes, and stock a variety of black child-resistant (heat sealable), tamper-evident, smell proof, light-resistant and air tight bags perfect for the proper storage and discrete transportation of cannabis products.  Be confident your product is packaged in reliable and compliant packaging at a great price.  Meet all federal guidelines.  

Our Foil Pouches are made with 3/8" side seals, tear notch at 3/8" and specially designed with tamer-evident, child resistant zipper at 1.25".  Provided in cases.  Designed for safety and security, these barrier pouches are comprised of multiple layers of film to offer premium barrier protection for the contents inside.  Once heat sealed, the pouch is truly hermetically sealed.

These innovative tamper-evident AND child-resistant pouches are specifically tested to meet the needs of the rapidly growing food, medical and cannabis industries.

All pouches meet the requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 16, Part 1700, including Part 1700.15 & Part 1700.20 for Poison Prevention Packaging.  Complies with ASTM D3475.

Custom printing and sizes available. 


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