Armor VCI



We are a proud distributor of the entire line of Armor Protective Packaging.  For more than 40 years, Armor has been trusted by over 90% of Fortune 500 companies.  Armor products allow for clean, safe and easy rust prevention and removal.  Armor VCI Nanotechnology works faster and longer than other VCI rust prevention solutions.  Armor VCI self-adjusts to the environment (temperature and humidity) and replenishes inside the contained package.  Molecular protection by Armor VCI does not alter any important metal properties.


Due to the special nature of VCI bags, pricing needs to be confirmed by calling or emailing us.  All pricing for Armor products include regular ground shipping.  Custom orders available.  

Armor Poly Gusseted VCI Bags

Made from a blend of Linear-Low Density Polyethylene with a VCI and blue tint additive. These bags are infused with ARMOR VCI Nanotechnology for rust prevention. All bags are heat sealable, featuring a bottom seal construction and side gusset for bag expansion. Pre-printed with the ARMOR brand logo.

ARMOR VCI Nanotechnology

  • This proprietary blend releases faster than standard VCI with a longer lasting effect.
  • Once released the VCI self-adjusts to its environment and replenishes inside the package without compromising any metal properties.

“Bright Idea” Technology

  • Infused in all ARMOR Films, this provides an easy method to verify the VCI content of the product.
  • To see proof that VCI is present, simply shine a black light over the film and it will glow.